Happy 2011!

Bernie and I wish all of you much happiness for the new year.  I only made one resolution this year – one I think I will be able to keep even though it is virtually the same as last year with a slight modification to keep  me on track.   This resolution process took me back to my childhood years when my sister and I would concoct huge lists of resolutions for the new year.  We each would have 75 or so resolutions which we would meticulously write on notebook paper and tape up on our bathroom wall for each other to view — so that we could police each other’s list. As we broke each new rule, we would cross that one out until each list dwindled down to our last hold-out.  It became a contest to see which one could keep at least one of  the resolutions going.  Those were fun times, and I (almost) regret we abandoned this practice as we grew older.

We have been busy here at Trinkle Mansion putting away our Christmas decorations and preparing for the year ahead.   We have had more snow this winter than we would prefer, but this makes for snuggly evenings by the fire.  The mountains are so beautiful with their white coats, and I am reminded again of how fortunate I am to live in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Happy new year to everyone.

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